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MAY 21, 2020

EPCHS Surprises Class of 2020 with Congratulatory Yard Signs

On Friday, May 15 approximately 50 Evergreen Park Community High School employees delivered 203 congratulatory yard signs to the homes of the Class of 2020. Just after 11:30 a.m. staff members lined their cars up in the school’s parking lot to receive a bundle of signs. By noon, with addresses in hand, they were on their way to make the surprise deliveries to the homes of Senior students.

Full story available in the Evergreen Park Courier


May 14, 2020

EPCHS Student Asks Friends to Join Him in Volunteering at Food Pantry

Kevin O’Toole heard that the Evergreen Park Village Pantry was in need of volunteers as they have seen a major increase in the need for their services. O’Toole got in touch with classmates CJ Kompare and Matt Miglieri to see if they would be willing to volunteer with him. The trio has been helping out ever since. 

Full story available in the Evergreen Park Courier


MAY 7, 2020

EPCHS Holds Drive-Thru Food Drive

Annually, Evergreen Park Community High School’s Student Government sponsors a food drive to benefit the Evergreen Park Village Food Pantry. Sponsor Brian English and his students knew this year would have to be different, but felt the event had to be held because the need was exponentially greater, more so than any other year before. They decided to hold the event on Tuesday, April 28 with a drive-thru, drop-off model.

Full story available in the Evergreen Park Courier


APRIL 30, 2020

Support Essential Workers By Purchasing a Yard Sign

Signs thanking essential workers are now on sale at the Evergreen Park Community Center parking lot, 3450 W. 97th St. The signs will be for sale from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Thursday, April 30 and Friday, May 1 as well. 

Each sign is $20 and only cash or checks are being accepted. You can drop an envelope in their black mailbox, located by the Community Center front door, with your name, address and phone number, for their weekly drawing of a gift card from an Evergreen Park business. After you drop your envelope in the mailbox you can grab your sign.

Proceeds will be used to purchase meals from Evergreen Park restaurants for first responders when they are on shift.  

Full story available in the Evergreen Park Courier


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